Lime oil Power Cleaner

Intensive stain remover & surface cleaner





Intensive stain remover & surface cleaner

Intensive stain remover & surface cleaner 

The benefits:

  • Concentrated power cleaner
  • Highly effective against hard to remove stains
  • Pure plant-based surfactants
  • Free of synthetic dyes or preservatives

Powerful cleaning for stubborn stains with versatile application possibilities: it is also usable as a highly effective all-purpose cleaner for larger areas and can be used in the entire household. Always check the material compatibility and colourfastness of textiles with concentrated application.

Environmental advantage:
The product contains extracts from essential oils which are subject to labelling requirements in the EU. Production occurs on a CO2-neutral basis. We use only electricity from Greenpeace Energy and therefore work 100% free of nuclear power.

The product is certified in accordance with the guidelines from Ecogarantie and the Vegan Society.

Further information on certification can be found here:



Due to the concentration of natural terpenes of citrus fruits, even hard to remove stains are dissolved. As a result, the product is an all-rounder that can be used if the effect of an all-purpose cleaner is not enough.

For removal of stains in textiles, upholstery, carpets and from all surfaces that can be wiped. Removes stains containing fat as well as stains from make-up, ballpoint pens, felt pens, chewing gum, fats, resins and adhesive residues. Do not use on bloodstains.


Concentrated application: apply the product directly on the stain or soiling and allow to take effect briefly. Wipe or rinse with lots of water afterwards.

Diluted application: 5-20 ml to 5 litres of water will yield opaque wiping water for application on larger areas.

Product features:

As is generally known, citrus oils are naturally occurring substances which evolution has created from an incredible amount of individual components over millions of years. If such a naturally occurring substance is broken down into its individual ingredients, these ingredients can act completely different than in the complexity of the whole naturally occurring substance. The substance that constitutes the greatest portion in citrus oils is limonene. Limonene gives citrus fruits their specific, fresh smell. If the limonene is now separated from the rest of the oil and examined on an isolated basis, it can lead to toxic reactions under certain conditions. Here the legislation sees serious hazards for bodies of water, so that products, even with the smallest concentration of limonene, must bear the reference: “Harmful to aquatic organisms and may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.” Our opinion is: a substance that is easily biodegradable and also highly volatile cannot cause long-term damage in bodies of water.

INCI ingredients:

Potassium Soap*
Alcohol denat.
Potassium Citrate
Citrus Sinensis extract
Lauryl Glucoside
Decyl Glucoside
CI 75815


*Produced with organic ingredients

PH-value: 9.0-9.5

Further information on INCI can be found at

Environmental information:
All ingredients are made on a plant basis and are quickly and easily biodegradable (OECD). Sugar-based surfactants are produced from sugar, starch and coconut fat. Together with fatty alcohol sulphates they are detergent raw materials which, after soaps, feature the best decomposition behaviour. They also have very good cleaning capacities in hard water and are skin-friendly.

Bottle glass, PP cap, PE label.

Container sizes:
250 ml glass bottle with childproof cap

Technical information:
You will find more information under EC Safety Data Sheet

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