Environmental Statement

Environmental statement

A holistic approach to our environmental policies requires us to observe critically and act responsibly. This applies to our processes as well as the manufacturing of our products. Transparency during the production and composition of the individual products (complete declaration) are part of our company philosophy.  We continuously work on minimising our environmental impact. The compliance with environmental regulations and ordinances is a must in our practices.

We consider it our duty to protect the environment and to prevent any action that could cause harm.

Our customers can reach us directly via our free-of-charge telephone number. In these conversations, we make every effort to promote environmentally-responsible behaviour in the household. Of course, all data and information relevant to the environment are available to interested parties.

Via our environmental management system, which is accessible for all employees, we document our  environmental goals and track the progress we make against them.

  • Our guiding principles are: active nature conservancy, efficient use of resources and the use of plant-based raw materials preferably from organic sources. If available, we source our raw materials from organic projects based in developing countries. 

  • To offset our carbon emissions, we financially support re-forestation in collaboration with PRIMA-KLIMA e.V. This makes our operations verifiably carbon neutral. Since 2016 we also offset the emissions of our employees’ commutes.

  • All energy supplied to the company is free from renewable energy sources. Our power is provided by GREENPEACE ENERGY. We do not use any electricity generated by nuclear power.
  • Early 2016 we installed a block-type thermal power station (BTTP). Since 01 January 2016 we use renewable energy generated from innovative 'windgas' by Greenpeace Energy. The BTTP is part of the SODASAN energy strategy and takes us one step closer to our aim of being an ecological and energy efficient operation.
  • The BTTP transforms windgas into power and heat. In addition to using this electricity to run our operations, we use the generated heat in our unique low-temperature saponification process which we use to produce our organic liquid soaps. As a result, the power generated by the BTTP is effectively used all year round.
  • As a manufacturer of a truly ecological range of detergents and cleaners we take a holistic approach to judge the impact of our operations. We do not only consider the impact our detergents have on wastewater but also consider the analysing a washing substance in wastewater but also consider the origin of the raw materials, their cultivation and the energy consumption during production.
  • We do not use any detergents of petrochemical origin or materials that are produced using GMOs. Wherever possible, we use soap as the most natural washing substance, which ensures a closed loop of natural cycles. Our liquid soap is produced by a unique low-temperature process according to the criteria of gentle chemistry. This manufacturing process is zero waste.
  • We believe that we have an obligation to continually reassess our environmental and energy strategies with an eye to improving our environmental performance. This is an important part of our environmental management system.

 Version: June 2016

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