Ecological Organic Vegetable Oil Soap

natural floor cleaner





natural floor cleaner

The benefits:

  • manufactured from high-quality organic vegetable oils
  • no perfumes, colouring or preservatives
  • formation of a natural protective layer
  • suitable for use on all smooth, wipeable surfaces

Unscented, pure floor soap for all natural, untreated floors. Particularly suitable for open-pored timber floors, boards, tiles, marble, laminate and linoleum.

Environmental benefits:

The product's only washing substance is soap which is quickly and fully biodegradable. This soap is manufactured in a specially-developed low-temperature saponification process. The production is CO2-neutral. We only use power from Greenpeace energy and thus work 100% free of nuclear power.


The product is certified according to the ECOCERT detergent guidelines, as well as according to the strict guidelines of Ecogarantie and the Vegan Society.
Further information on certification can be found here:


Reliably removes household dirt, leaving hygienic cleanliness and a light, fresh protective layer on the surface. Also suitable for calcareous surfaces, such as marble or natural stone.
Can also be used for wool felting.

For normal soiling use approximately 25ml (= 2 tbsp) per 5l of water. The dosage can be increased to 50ml for heavier soiling or in very hard water.

Product features:
In hard or very hard water the mopping water can become milky due to the formation of lime soap. However, this is not detrimental to use.

The organic vegetable oil soap can be used everywhere that soft soaps would be used.

Ingredients INCI:

potassium soap*
alcohol denat.
potassium citrate
*from controlled organic cultivation

Further information on INCI can be found at

pH value: 9.4 - 10.2

Environmental information:
All washing substances are vegetable-based and are quickly and fully biodegradable (OECD). As soap breaks down into lime soap in waste water, which cannot be used for washing, it counts as immediately degraded (primary biodegradation). The complete degradation to carbon dioxide and water (secondary biodegradation) takes place within a few hours.

Bottle and canister made of PE, cap made of PP, label made of paper.

Pack sizes:
1l bottle with squirt cap
5l canister
25l canister

Technical Information:
Further information can be found in the EC Safety Data Sheet

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