Ecological Bath and Shower Cleaner

hygienic freshness





hygienic freshness
The benefits:
  • removes limescale and soap residues
  • natural and fresh scent
  • suitable for use on all bathroom surfaces
  • contain vegetable washing substances

Hygienic spray cleaner for streak-free cleaning of surfaces such as tiles, stainless steel,  glass and plastic shower screens, sanitary equipment and fittings.

Environmental benefits:
The product only contains vegetable-based detergents and pure essential oils. We only use power from Greenpeace energy and thus work 100% free of nuclear power.


The product is certified according to the ECOCERT detergent guidelines, as well as according to the strict guidelines of Ecogarantie and the Vegan Society.
Further information on certification can be found here:


Reliably removes household dirt from all bathroom surfaces. Very good for removing limescale and soap residues.

Spray the product evenly on to the surface using the spray head and leave to work for approximately 1 minute. Then rinse off and rub dry with a lint-free cloth if necessary. For tough stains, repeat the application and leave to work for longer.

Product features:
The product is very suitable for cleaning acrylic sanitary equipment, which is becoming more and more widely used in bathrooms for bath tubs and shower trays. Acrylic is very susceptible to scratches and should not be cleaned using an abrasive product.

Ingredients INCI:
Organic Vinegar
Citric acid
Essential Oils

Further information on INCI can be found at

pH-value: 4.3 – 4.5

Environmental information:
All washing substances are vegetable-based and are quickly and fully biodegradable (OECD). The complete biodegradation (secondary degradation) breaks down the alcohol into carbon dioxide and water. Sugar surfactants are manufactured from vegetable starches and coconut oil. Citric acid is a natural component of all organisms. Both raw materials are also fully broken down into carbon dioxide and water and are classified as readily biodegradable(OECD).

Bottle and canister made of PE, cap made of PP, label made of paper.

Pack sizes:
500l bottle with spray head
2l canister
25l canister

Technical Information:
Further information can be found in the EC Safety Data Sheet

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