Cool Wash Detergent

for fast, lightly soiled laundry





for fast, lightly soiled laundry

The benefits:

  • active in cold wash cycles – saves energy
  • manufactured from high-quality organic vegetable oil
  • natural scent from pure essential oils
  • dermatologically tested
  • no enzymes, colouring or preservatives

Cold wash detergent for lightly soiled laundry, suitable for hand washing and machine washes. Suitable for all types of fabric in cold water up to 40 degrees.

Environmental benefits:
Washing in cold water is possible thanks to a specially-developed soap. This saves up to 40% in energy.
SODASAN Cool contains soap as a washing substance which is quickly and fully biodegradable. This soap is manufactured in a low-temperature saponification process.
The production is CO2-neutral. We only use power from Greenpeace energy and thus work 100% free of nuclear power.


The product is certified according to the ECOCERT detergent guidelines, as well as according to the strict guidelines of Ecogarantie and the Vegan Society.
Further information on certification can be found here:


55ml = 1.5 measuring cap

The dosage instructions are based on washing machines with a capacity of 4-5kg and do not depend on the water hardness.
Select the lowest temperature of your washing machine.
35ml = 1 measuring cup for handwashing in 10l of water.

750ml of Cool detergent is enough for 61kg of laundry.
750ml of Cool detergent is enough for 13 loads of laundry.

Product features:
SODASAN COOL is particularly suitable for lightly soiled washing.
For heavy soiling or stains, the detergent can be supplemented with SODASAN Bleaching Agent & Stain Remover with white or colourfast coloured fabrics. In this instance set the washing temperature to 40 degrees.
With lime protection – no additional water softener is required.


potassium soap*
potassium citrate
sodium carbonate
essential oils

Contains limonene. May cause an allergic reaction.

*ingredients from controlled organic cultivation

Further information on INCI can be found at

pH value: 10.6 – 10.9

Environmental information:
SODASAN-Cool contains a specially developed short-chain vegetable soap, which enables its use in cold water. Thus energy can be saved by up to 40%.
All washing substances are vegetable-based and are quickly and fully biodegradable (OECD). As soap breaks down into lime soap, which cannot be used for washing, in wastewater, it counts as immediately degraded (primary biodegradation). The complete degradation to carbon dioxide and water (secondary biodegradation) takes place within a few hours.

Bottle made of PE, cap made of PE, label made of paper.

Pack sizes:
750ml bottle with measuring cap

Technical information:
Further information can be found in the EC Safety Data Sheet

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