Care labels

What do the care symbols on textiles mean? What do the care symbols on textiles mean?

Laundry care

tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_1.gif This symbol indicates that the garment can be washed normally in the washing machine, usually the washing temperature is indicated on the label.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_2.gif Hand wash. The textile is to be washed in the sink at a maximum of 40 degrees. That means: Do not wring, do not rub.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_3.gif If there is a line under the washing symbol then treat your clothes with utmost care, so select the fine wash cycle in the washing machine. If the line is broken, it indicates easy-care laundry.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_4.gif Laundry with this symbol is to be washed neither by hand nor in the washing machine. It has to be sent to the cleaners.

Chemical Cleaning

tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_5.gif The letter in the symbol indicates which cleaning agent should be used. If the circle contains an A, the material can tolerate all chemical agents.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_6.gif P means that the garment must be cleaned with perchloroethylene during dry cleaning.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_7.gif Q stands for "flammable", i.e the substance is inflammable. Earlier this meant that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) could be used for cleaning. Today hydrocarbon solvents such as n-undecane are used instead.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_8.gif The garment must in no case be cleaned chemically. However, it can be washed only if it carries the appropriate symbol.


tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_9.gif The garment can be bleached with chlorine.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_10.gif The garment does not tolerate chlorine bleach.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_11.gif The garment can be dried in the dryer.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_12.gif The garment should not be dried in the dryer.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_13.gif Laundry with this symbol should be dried on the line after brief spinning.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_14.gif Laundry with this symbol should be laid down for drying.


tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_15.gif An iron on the label means that the garment can not only be ironed, but also mangled warm. The dots indicate the ironing temperature. Three dots correspond to a temperature of 200 degrees, as is required for cotton and linen.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_16.gif Two points on the iron correspond to a temperature of 150 degrees.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_17.gif One point or about 110 degrees is completely sufficient for silk and nylon for ironing or mangling.
tl_files/images/pflegesymbole/sym_18.gif A garment with this symbol should not be ironed or mangled.

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