Goodbye stain-removal scissors!

26.02.2016 12:11:01

SODASAN has developed a special cleaning agent certified by Ecogarantie with problem-solver characteristics that dissolves stubborn stains through the power of citrus terpenes and cleans heavily soiled surfaces.

It is also usable as a highly effective all-purpose cleaner for larger areas and can therefore be used in the entire household. The strongly concentrated special cleaning agent owes its name to the added organic lime oil.

In the future, stubborn stains on textiles, upholstery, carpets as well as make-up, ballpoint pens, felt pens, chewing gum, resins and fats have to be prepared for it due to the cleansing effect of natural terpenes.

The lime special cleaning agent is available in a 250 ml glass bottle. Produced free of nuclear power, GMO-free and vegan.

Immediately effective, it is a must-have item for all those who would rather save than repurchase.

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