For more power at the detergent shelf

20.10.2016 10:00:19

(from left to right Laurent Huret, Dirk Seifert)

SODASAN has restructured the sales department and has reinforced it by two new employees at the head. For the international sector as of late, Laurent Huret (46 years old), native-born Frenchman now is responsible. He disposes of comprehensive international experience in food and non-food industry. He is a graduate in business with a predilection for marketing and finance matters and is responsible for organization and support service for the international customers of SODASAN.  

Dirk Seifert (MBA) is working for SODASAN as sales manager since September 2016. He is a 43 year old lawyer and disposes of comprehensive expert knowledge referring to specialized trade and particularly to ecological washing and cleaning products. Dirk Seifert manages the team of six employees of the sales department.

With cumulative know-how SODASAN pursues the goal to provide more power at the detergent shelf.


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