Annoying regulations: Identification of Chemicals

30.09.2015 12:11:01


From middle of 2015 on the uniform marking/labeling according to GHS (Globally Harmonised System) is obligatory. GHS is a worldwide uniform classification and identification of chemicals. This provides for considerable warning notices and security advices on washing and cleaning products and, from our point of view, this may lead to an inflationary use of warning symbols like irritant, acidly etc. on packages.

Beside the use of bio-alcohol, our products are affected especially by the content of essential oils and natural fragrances. These are not evaluated as a whole but only according to the single components like limonen, citral, linalool etc. This is contrary to our holistic consideration and evaluation of the ingredients, particularly because these exist in the final product in their total complexity.

From our point of view, this will lead in the long term to an expulsion of natural materials and to increased application of synthetical fragrances, because these are not subject to this designation. The legal obligation to implementation of the new identifiction prescription has been and is carried out on our products by and by since the middle of year 2014.

We would like to point out again that our formulations have not changed with regard to the new marking prescriptions. Our products still do not contain enzymes, preservatives, petrochemical surfactants (- we use vegetable surfactants -) and are certified according to Ecocert (if possible) and the strict regulations of Ecogarantie. 

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